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Using marketing automation to address pain points in the customer journey.

Updated: May 26, 2020

Marketing automation to address pain points in the customer journey
Marketing automation to address pain points in the customer journey

Some clients need very little convincing while others need comparisons and testimonials before they will be persuaded to give serious consideration to your products or services. In some cases, the customer needs to be educated on how your services will benefit them directly. This may require you to create content geared towards expanding their knowledge about relevant subjects so that they appreciate the full value of a product. In other cases, a potential customer needs clarification about the distinctions between your product and your competitors.

You must address any pain points in the buyer’s journey at the same time that the lead is experiencing it- and not a moment later. If progress stalls for a while before you attempt to recoup the sale, it is too late. Your lead may already be taking a closer look at one of your competitors, having weighed the pros and cons.

The bottom line is that marketing automation software enhances the effectiveness of your demand generation lead nurturing by improving your timing and quality or engagement. You will be able to address the problems experienced by your leads because your message will be delivered in sync with their experience- as long as you take the time to get to know them first.


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