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Marketing Automation - The Small Marketing Team's Secret Weapon

Updated: May 26, 2020

If you’re a small marketing team or agency, life can get unnecessarily complicated. You’re driven to grow your business. You know what strategies and tactics you want to employ. If only you had more time, budget and a few more team members things would be great and you could realise some of the goals you’ve set. If only you had a secret weapon. Hint: you do, and it’s called marketing automation.

Marketing Automation - The Small Marketing Team's Secret Weapon

Optimise your resources

If you’re running a lean and mean small marketing department or agency, you already have great skills that will transition well into a marketing automation environment. Think about it. Your team is resourceful and versatile. They have to respond to change quickly. They have to wear more than one hat in the process. And they have to be creative in their solutions.

These skill sets will help small teams do even more when making the move to marketing automation.

Just the boost that small teams need

We’ve all heard the old adage—work smarter, not harder—and that’s exactly what marketing automation does for small teams. It essentially multiplies the efforts and enables more opportunities than ever before. Tasks that pushed the limits of team boredom like data analytics, customer segmentation and campaign management can be easily managed with crisper results in dramatically less time. Employees can put their time to creative solutions and let the details for the automation tools.

Marketing Automation components for small teams

Marketing automation software capabilities are pretty standard but you should make sure that whatever you choose, you’ll have these features as part of your solution:

  • Campaign management

  • Email marketing

  • Landing pages

  • Lead generation

  • Marketing programs

  • CRM integration

  • Scoring and nurturing

  • Social marketing

  • Marketing analytics

  • Resource management

  • Personalization

  • Mobile marketing

Updated reporting helps manage program performance

With marketing automation, team members can course correct during campaigns if they’re not performing like they need them to. You no longer have to launch a campaign and wait until the end to review results. Learn what you need to know now with current reporting and make appropriate adjustments to enhance the performance of any campaign.

Get better sales and marketing alignment

It used to be that Sales was very protective of leads and didn’t always value those turned over to them by Marketing. Today’s companies know that both groups in the company have ownership in qualified leads and marketing automation supports those efforts. Leads can be scored and nurtured, supporting prospects and customers throughout the customer journey.

Small teams can especially benefit because the contacts with the most potential are highlighted with their behaviour tracked to monitor buying interest. Qualified leads that turn into sales quickly help with revenue increases, a real boon for smaller businesses.

Nurture the customer journey and solidity relationships

Marketing automation helps small marketing teams engage with customers with more relevant, authentic interactions. Customer loyalty is the key to business longevity—especially with small companies—so being able to engage properly with prospects and customers is critical.

Automate manual tasks for better productivity

If you’re on a small marketing team, you know how tedious it can be to manually manage tasks such as email campaigns. When your marketing is automated, emails, landing pages, forms and other related elements are processed automatically with minimal input from you.

Analytics will also let you know how your programs are performing so team members can channel their time into productive activities that generate better ROI. No more guesswork makes small teams more productive and gratified.


TRAC Marketing is a UK-based company that provides marketing automation consulting and marketing automation for small businesses. Speak to our marketing automation consultants today to learn more about putting marketing automation to work in your company.

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