Just as important as what you do, is how you do it.



The purpose of the Marketing Operations function is both to increase marketing efficiency and to build a foundation for excellence by reinforcing marketing with processes, technology, metrics, and best practices.

Marketing operations enable an organisation to run the marketing function as a fully accountable business. Marketing operations are about performance, financial management, strategic planning, marketing resource, skills assessment and management.


We provide a rigorous and structured approach to analyse and improve the performance of your organisation. TRAC Marketing is about getting key principles and concepts into the DNA of your organisation so that it becomes a natural part of the way you do things.  

If you want to change the outcomes of what you do, you need to realise that these outcomes are the result of systems. Not the computer system, but the way people work together and interact. And these systems are the product of how people think and behave.

So to change outcomes you have to change your systems and to do that you have to change your thinking.


Our approach focuses on getting the right people to do the right things at the right time so that you really add value to your clients and make your organisation effective and efficient.


Using a combination of Agile, Lean and Six Sigma methodologies we’ll review your end-to-end marketing processes – then suggest ways for you to work more efficiently. We’ll look at the roles and responsibilities of your whole team to help you work more collaboratively, achieve your goals faster and increase job satisfaction for everyone involved.


We can suggest quick-fix improvements to let you work smarter straight away, as well as ongoing initiatives to streamline all future projects and processes.

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