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Incorporate Social Marketing Automation Into Your Demand Generation Strategy

Updated: May 26, 2020

All marketers know that it is a big mistake to automate your responses to comments on your social media page. But many of them are unaware of the power behind automating the curation and distribution of their content. They assume that the only benefit is the time saved from systematising the process, but social marketing automation platforms offer much much more. It improves the relationship between you and your audience because it changes the way they view your brand and perceive your messages. It also personalises the experience of interacting with you. Overall, it gives your brand a personality that is human like-not robotic and stiff.

Social media marketing automation
Social media marketing automation

Social Marketing automation; Reduces The Mundane Tasks Of Your Campaign

When it comes to your social media strategy, not everything should be automated. But the curation and distribution of your demand generation content should not only be automatically delivered, but strategically planned so that the focus is on the consumer- not your brand or product.

In fact, 50% of your content should be derived from other sources with only 30 percent from your company and the remaining 20% purely for entertainment. The only way to curate relevant information and distribute all of your content precisely when your audience wants it most is to automate the process.

Social marketing automaton tools can curate content to be used in your social media demand generation strategy in order to keep your page relevant and engaging. Without marketing automation software, you must search for posts by other brands and either share them as they are, or recreate the content so that it can be shared on your own website.

But by using marketing automation software, you can analyse millions of streams and posts in seconds in order to capture some of the buzz surrounding related topics. This not only allows you to streamline all of your social media activity so that it is consistent, but automation also sustains your audience's attention so that your brand appears prominently on their time-line.

This increases the viral appeal of your content and also encourages your customers to share your posts with their network. And because the algorithm understands when it is time to entertain and when it is time to educate, your brand will take on a well-rounded reputation as it emerges as a thought leader in the industry.

Add Purpose To The Distribution of Your Own Posts

Your own posts must have meaning and obvious reasoning in order to effectively automate the posting of this content. If you randomly post content without a resonating reason for your audience to look forward to it, then your audience will not like or share it, and the lifespan of your social media posts will be very short lived.

For instance, designating a certain day to publish a “quote of the day”- accompanied with a hashtag- is a great way to create a predictable schedule in which your audience expects to consume content from your brand. That strategy may even inspire them to share the post with others or give the hashtag a viral appeal.

There are numerous other strategies that can be employed to make the posting of social media content meaningful and valuable- as long as they aim to satisfy the audience and not make sales. For example, you can schedule a week power meeting via webinar where you discuss important topics or new strategies that will empower your audience. By publishing those webinars on your social media page as a predictable day and time each week, your audience has a reason to check your page on a regular schedule as they wait in anticipation to see what they missed in your broadcast.

Without sacrificing productivity, you will now be able to generate a consistent flow of high quality customers. Your prospects will be more efficiently nurtured as their user experience will be intricately personalized in accordance to their intentions and behaviors. With all of the tedious and repetitious marketing tasks automated, you can spend more time creating engaging content, developing new strategies and improving your demand generation strategy.

As you see, automation technology allows you to leverage curated content in order to maximize the effectiveness of your demand generation strategy. Instead of being limited to your own sphere of influence, automation software empowers you to tap into the friends lists of your leads and multiply your conversions– as long as you use the software to curate quality content first.

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