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Incorporate Marketing Automation Into Your Lead Nurturing Demand Generation Strategy

Updated: May 26, 2020

Lead nurturing is a very vital component in your demand generation strategy because you cannot effectively appeal to your audiences' interests if you are not familiar with their differing buyer journeys. It will be nearly impossible to improve your conversions and improve the ROI of your marketing campaign if you lack the ability of customise the sales cycle to the preferences of each of your individual leads. Sounds impossible? Not really, and you will see why marketing automation makes it easy.

Demand generation with Trac marketing automation
Demand generation with Trac marketing automation

Lead Nurturing: Customise The Buyer's Journey To Individual Preferences

Your leads need time to become familiarised with your brand, message and product before they are ready to make a purchase and his only happens once they have had exposure to your offerings and demonstrated continuous engagement. But without marketing automation tools, your audience is simply a group of strangers that you throw information at- hoping to make a sale.

Aside from interpreting website and email analytics, there is a very limited amount of behavioural data available. Marketing automation uses algorithms to gather in-depth knowledge about your audience. It observes their usage habits, seeks to understand their reactions to your content and learns exactly what appealed to them- and what did not.

It uses interaction information to develop a psychological profile of each individual lead so you know your audience on a very personal level. With this kind of information, you can unlock the power of automation to create truly customised and personalised demand generation materials that are in sync with the intentions of each lead.

Use the data to predict exactly when leads will need clarification and schedule the delivery of communications to happen automatically after taking a certain action. That particular action could be a page view, e-book download or link click.

Nurture your leads based on their particular journey by learning about each of your leads and using that information to create insights that allow you to predict when they will need specific types of content. Then, identify the actions that your audience take that are an indication that they have arrived at a specific stage in the buying journey. Use the automation software to schedule the delivery of that exact type of content when the lead has performed the identified actions.

From there, you have a responsive campaign that is in sync with the interest and intentions of each individual lead. Not only will you now know what your customers want and when they want it, you will also deliver a truly personalised experience that adjust to their own actions and thoughts.


TRAC Marketing is a UK-based company that provides marketing automation consulting and solutions for small businesses. Speak to our marketing automation consultants today to learn more about putting marketing automation to work in your company.

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